Money & Time, Which is more important?

Money can be saved, but Time can't.
Money can be borrowed, but Time can't.
Everyone has the same time, 24 hours a day, It's very fair.
You can earn more money, but you can not have more time.
You can use time to make money, but you can not use money to buy time.

Perhaps often hear 'Time is Money'. But people who really understand the value of time know that time is more important than money. Use time in exchange for money? I believe that everyone can immediately come up with a way. Yes, that is work, but the effect is a significant difference. Most people should want to earn enough money one day earlier, and then had their own life, do what they want to do. Then if the best, but also make their own financial freedom and carefree. In order to get equal money with others, low-income people can only use their own time to make up. And the time is lost and gone slowly.

Time is our most precious God-given unique asset. The only people know how to use it can understand its extraordinary.

Determine the wealth of the 「ESBI Quadrant」

Changing the income structure is fundamental. Find and build 'systems and networks' to create passive income。



Earn salaries and work for others. Use Time in exchange for money with their own talent for others to create wealth. Less income and there is no time and financial freedom. The pursuit of security, stability. A group of fear of risks.



Self-employed, have a certain expertise and can work for themselves. With their ability to make money, high income and high spending. Get income each day when they work. Time in exchange for money. Such as: Self-opened doctors, taxi drivers ... and so on.

Business owner

Business owner

Business owners, have the ability to run their own business or profit system. Let the system work for themselves, through the system to leverage time and money for their own wealth. Do not have to work every day still have income. Have time and financial freedom.



Investors make money by investing, letting money work for them. With money for their own wealth, the source of income is a variety of investment income. But often have a high threshold and certain risks. Use money to produce more money. Have time and financial freedom.

Differences in character and thinking

1.「E」(Employee): People in 「E」 Employee Quadrant prefer that 'I am looking for a good stable job with Guaranteed, High salary and Good welfare'. 「Guaranteed」, this word is often used to respond to fear. People from the 「E」 quadrant will often use the word. Uncertainty will make them feel unhappy and certainty to make them feel at ease.

2.「S」(Self-employed): This is a group of people who want to 'do their own boss', or who like to 'do things for themselves'. These people are 'work on their own'. Usually when they face about money, a typical 「S」 does not like to let his or her income depend on others. In other words, if they work hard, they want their work to be rewarded. About money, they hold a fairly independent attitude.

3.「B」(Business owner): In the 「B」 business owner quadrant prefer that 'I'm looking for a new president to manage my company'. This type of person is almost the opposite of 「S」. Those real business owners like elites from the 「E, S, B and I」 around them. Unlike 「B」,「S」 does not like to delegate work because no one can do better. And the real 「B」 likes to allocate work. Motto of「B」 is: if you can hire someone to do things for you, and they can do better than you, why you do it yourself?

4.「I」(Investor): Investors make money with money. They do not have to work because their money is working for them. 「I」quadrant is the rich man's playground. No matter where people make money in which quadrant, if they want to get rich one day, then they eventually have to enter the 「I」 quadrant. In the 「I」 quadrant, the money becomes wealth.

Rich people find & build 'system or network', others just find a job.
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