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Below comes my own experience.
My Site URL: https://openloadjav.club
Domain Name: openloadjav.club
Creation Date: 2018-01-14

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1. This website is very functional. You can setting Your AD (Make Money). Setting your Traffic analysis and your own domain. The best part is all is free. Need not to do programming and rent a host. Spend 1 dollar and make money. This is what everyone wants.

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How to start making money? Just complete the following six steps.

1. Registered member, upload a Video to Enable your website. After that uploading two videos each week, you can maintain the Valid Status of your website. If you Need Videos, you can download from froums (t66y.com or ck101.com).
2. When the site is Valid, Login to the ADMIN Area to change Logo, site setting, and title etc.
3. Buy a Domain, Choose an one dollar On namecheap. Setting the DNS and set your domain in the ADMIN Area.
4. Register AD Platform Acconut (EXOCLICK And JUICYADS). Then Set it in the ADMIN Area.
6. Spend 20 minutes to post article to other froums.

The results of my efforts

1. ALEXA Rank is up to 21000 in Japan. 4000 Visitors per day. More than 100 thousand per month. I Believe it will be more.
2. AD Revenue is more than US $15 per day. Growing is very fast.
3. Maybe you will question whether it is possible to rely on AD Revenue to generate more than thousands of dollars a month?

The reason is that there is a Reversed 2 UP system. Your downlines will grow with 2X speed, and your advertising revenue will also have a multiplier effect. As long as your site is set up, just stick it out. Don't say you can't do, don't say you can't understand. Can't make money? Just because you're lazy. Success is not accidental. It requires hard work and time accumulation. Thanks to my Upline introducte this website for me.